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Famous dishes:

Well-known Harbin dishes and flavors are: Flying Dragon Banquet, BBQ Reindeer Meat, Huang Fish Banquet, Mushroom in Chicken Soup, Russian Dishes, Lao Yichu Boiled Dumplings, Laobian Steamed Dumplings and Frozen Biscuits, etc.

I. Futailou:

Is located in Daoli District with a history of over sixty years. It is famous throughout the city for its romaine lettuce and house guifish. It is not only famous for traditional Chinese dishes but for Heilongjiang local flavors.

II. Beilaishun:

The largestMuslim Restaurant, situated in Daoli District. It is famous throughout the province for its instant boiled slices of mutton in a hotpot and Muslim dishes..

III. Taiwan Restaurant:

This restaurant is the first major one Taiwan flavors. It is located in Nangang District.

IV. Huameixi Restaurant:

Located on Zhongyang Street, Dali District with a time-honored history. You can taste all kinds of Russian flavors here.

V. Laoyichu Jiaozi Restaurant:

This restaurant is situated in Daoli District. It was built in 1929 and now has a history about 70 years. You can taste all kinds of delicious Jiaozi here.

VI. Jiangnanchun:

This is a large modern comprehensive restaurant located in Nagang District. You can have a first class feast here.

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