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Food &Lodging --- Restaurants

According to recent reports, there are about 10,000 restaurants with a total of 500,000 seats in Guangzhou. A number of these establishments are old name restaurants that date back more than 100 years; others are newly famous.

Favorite local restaurants (and their renowned dishes) include:

  • Guangzhou Restaurant (complete dinner of Manchu and Mandarin dishes)
  • Panxi Restaurant (The Refreshments Meal)
  • Beiyuan Restaurant (fish with pine nuts)
  • Nanyuan Restaurant (Chaozhou dishes)
  • Tao Tao Ju Restaurant (moon cake with lotus seed paste of Lian Xiang Lou)
  • Da Sanyuan Restaurant (stewed shark's fin in brown sauce)
  • Datong Restaurant (Jinpai roast suckling pig)
  • Dingjiang Restaurant (Dongjiang Kejia dishes)
  • Shahe Restaurant (Shanshui Shahe rice starch noodles)
  • Qingping Restaurant (Qingping chicken)
  • Huabei (North China) Restaurant (Beijing and Tianjin dishes)
  • Huimin Restaurant (Muslim dishes)
  • The Snake King's Restaurant (snake dishes)

Most restaurants in Guangzhou provide three teas, two meals, and one night snack. Combining eating with entertainment, they are open usually from 5:00 a.m to 12:00 midnight. Some even provide 24-hour service.

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