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Monk Yue Kong Fights Japanese Pirates

Monk Yue Kong lived during the reign of Emperor Jia Jing(1506-1522) . He became a monk at Shaolin and mastered its Wushu Skills.

Since 1550, China's southeastern coast has been troubled constantly by Japanese pirates. They plundered and killed. They shaved off the heads of men and made them as their guides and porters and do chores for them. During a battle they put the Chinese in front. They forced women to weave and cook during the day and raped them during the night. They poured boiling water on their bodies for sport. Learning about these atrocities, Monk Yue Kong was outraged.

In 1553, responding to an urgent call from Nanjing garrison Monks Yue Kong, Zhi Nang and Zi Ran organized a monk detachment of 40, each weight 15 kilograms. Some carried other weapons such as spears, swords and camped near pirate's den at Baishawan.

Thirty-some Japanese Pirates came out their den to hunt . Monk Yue Kong laid an ambush. A Japanese Vanguard hacked his way with two broad swords into the bushes. As he came near, Monk Yue Kong jumped out and struck with his iron cudgel. The Japanese head burst open. The other Japanese inspired.

Soon after, a giant of a man charged over brandishing a broad sword. Some monks showed fear on their faces. Yue Kongand Zhi Nang Jumped over. With one swift hacking , Yue kong struck off the broad sword out the Japanese's hand. Zhi Nang struck again, the man slipped and fell. Another striker from Zhi Nang killed him, The other pirates to pursue . They killed many of the enemy. The rest knelt to beg for mercy.

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