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Here is a little Chinese Spice - be aware it is 1100 kb and may take a few minutes to download, but you are going to love it. -:)

In South China, they would say they'd eat everything that has four legs except the dinner table and everything that has two wings except a plane.  Many of the dishes served in China may really surprise foreigners.

Snake soup is among the most treasured soups in China. Then, there is snake gall and blood mixed in liquor that supposedly will brighten your eyes. Some "westernized" Chinese would suggest that if Adam and Eve had been Chinese, we humans would still be in the Garden of Eden because they would have eaten the snake.

Chopsticks are the main table utensils in China.  Chinese children start with a spoon but will adapt to chopsticks as early as when they turn one.  As a gift, chopsticks symbolize straightforwardness because of their shape. Chinese chopsticks don't have pointed tips, unlike the Japanese style that is refined to pick out the bones of their main diet, fish.  Most Chinese chopsticks are made of bamboo, though today, you see more and more wooden and plastic ones.

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Foreigners are not expected to use chopsticks proficiently, but if they do, they will give a mighty impression.  Therefore, before you go to China, go to a local Chinese restaurant, if not to find authentic Chinese food, at least you can practice using chopsticks.  Its all right if, in your first meal in China, you can't use chopsticks.  If you still can't handle the two sticks to pick up a big shrimp in your tenth meal, you show your incompetence in learning and the willingness to learn.

Cooking has occupied a lofty position in Chinese culture throughout history. The great Chinese philosopher Lao Zi once said of  the art, "Governing a great nation is much like cooking a small fish."

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